With experience comes proficiency and that is why developers, entrepreneurs, lenders, construction companies and beyond have all come to know Lieberman Law Office as a full service real estate law firm dedicated to their clients ever-changing goals and objectives. Our experience and commitment to satisfying each customer makes us a top choice for clients seeking specialized real estate assistance.

We handle transactions large and small specializing in the following practice areas:


Sales and Acquisitions

Construction Financing

Commercial leasing

Condominium Conversions

Joint Ventures


It is a goal of the team at Lieberman Law office to assist and advise our clients in assessing their risks, and reducing them wherever possible, and then to act promptly to defend their interests when disputes occur. They value our law firm because we can guide them through the entire process, anticipating and preventing problems before they occur instead of trying to remedy them afterward.

We are sensitive to the time and cost concerns of our clients. We strive to offer big, downtown firm service at suburban prices. We have successfully completed countless transactions totaling millions of dollars every month.

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