Our firm is committed to zealously representing our clients in all matters regarding real estate and business law. We proudly offer services in conjunction with the establishment and continued operation of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. If you are currently involved in this industry or looking for guidance in entering the marketplace, Lieberman Law Office, P.C. is here to facilitate a successful business venture standing by your side at every turn with your best interests always our top priority. We work with many professionals whom you may need, including: Accountants, Insurance Agents, Tax Consultants, Contractors and Architects.

Lieberman Law Office, P.C. will provide expert legal counsel for your business in the following matters:

The Purchase & Sale of Restaurants, Nightclubs & Bars;

Business Plan Review;

Business Entity Formation;

Business Structuring; (LLC vs Corporation vs Partnership)



Negotiation of Commercial Leases and/or the Purchase of Commercial Real Estate;

Licensing & Permitting;

Obtaining Liquor Licenses

Negotiation with Municipal & State Regulatory Boards

Obtaining Health Permits

Tax Issues;

Insurance & Liability Issues;

Zoning Issues;

General Legal Matters;

As a client of Lieberman Law Office, P.C. you will be treated as a member of our family. We will get to know you and your business inside and out to better understand your goals and intentions. Let us make your success, our success.

To speak with an Attorney please contact us at (781) 235-3200.