Starting a new business venture or expanding a current enterprise can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity for the parties involved. The proper guidance for a successful venture is essential. At Lieberman Law, we help our client’s work their way through the legal issues that arise in starting or expanding a business. What’s more, we do so in a cost effective and expeditious manner.

The heart of any successful business venture is the network of professionals that the business employs in managing its operation. Our talented group of professional contacts includes accountants and tax consultants, insurance agents, real estate brokers, business consultants, financial planners, payroll facilitators and contractors. With their assistance, and our expertise, we can help you achieve your goals of keeping the overhead low and the quality ever so high. Lieberman Law will provide expert legal advice for your business in the following matters:

The Purchase and Sale of an existing business;

Business Plan Review;

Business Structuring (LLC v Corporation v Partnership);



Negotiation of Commercial Leases and/or the Purchase of Commercial Real Estate;

Licensing and Permitting;

Potential Tax Issues;

Insurance and Liability Issues;

The team at Lieberman Law understands the potential pitfalls that can arise with any business venture and we make it our business to safeguard your business.

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